Welcome to MM School of Interior Design

It is intuitive to create a functional beautiful and comfortable surrounding within the available resources. The birds, the bees ,other animals and the humans  have been practicing it since time unknown.

To learn and to adapt is natural to the living. Keen observation of the evolutionary process in nature and its understandable adaptation has sharpened the humans ,giving them an edge over other living species. 

The 'learning to perfect' is a design process in nature as well as in humans, although the natural designs using living materials are highly evolved and efficient as compared to the human copy made out of non-living materials.

It has been the oldest passion of human society to nurture beauty individually as well as collectively. Enhancing the functionality using the concept of beauty to make the surroundings comfortable has been the profession even of the cave dwellers.

This passion to beautify has not only survived through the ages but also created a guiding path in the history of its own by evolving through the try and error process many concepts, themes and styles of decor.

'There is nothing new under the sun', states the existence of underlying principles behind any design. It does not mean everything has been built already. By examining nature, one can see the existence of the principles and also find how they are incorporated in design.

India is witnessing the strides of progress and is on the threshold of being the globally recognised country in all fields of development including Interior Design and Decoration.

The status of a 'designed' environment is recognised even in the not so affluent society of India. The dividing limits of distance and the parity being narrowed by the confluence, the cities of Maharashtra are experiencing the shift in the understanding of the importance of the profession and the professionals.